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One of the easiest ways of making your New Jersey property stand out from the rest is by building retaining walls. These concrete structures not only serve aesthetic benefits but also practical functions. And here at White Birch Landscape Design, LCC, we can provide you with stunning walls that are also teeming with practical benefits.

Functions of Retaining Walls

Having retaining walls brings about several benefits to one’s property, including:

  • Soil retention. The most important function of retaining walls is soil retention. This is particularly true in areas with unnatural slopes. A retaining wall is typically built around such slopes to hold the soil in place.

  • Prevention of soil erosion. Closely related with retention is preventing soil erosion. A retaining wall is proven effective in keeping loose soil from eroding during heavy rains or earthquakes. If your property is build at the foot of a mountain or a hilly area, then having a retaining wall built around your property will be a great safety investment.

  • Aesthetic lift. A retaining wall, when elegantly designed and crafted, is an effective means of beautifying one’s property. It should be noted that the builder’s expertise and the designer’s skill should both be above average and the materials used should be top quality to ensure that the resulting wall will be eye catching.

  • Added market value. Many property owners do not realize it but having a retaining wall actually adds to the price that a property could command in the future. As it is, many potential real estate buyers are looking for such added features when deciding if the property’s asking price is reasonable. Whether or not you intend to put your property up for sale in the future, a retaining wall is still a wise investment.

Our Retaining Wall Building Process

Our teams of designers, masons, and artisans follow a strict building process when it comes to retaining walls. First, they talk with the client to know their design requirements. Such specifications help them come up with designs that are tailor-made to what the client expects to see. Once the design is made, it will be presented to the client for approval. After several revisions (if any), the final design plan is approved.

With the final plan on hand, our team of masons and artisans begin the building process. But it’s not just any process, but a rather meticulous and deliberate one. For one, they only use premium segmental blocks with the retaining walls that they create. Unlike other materials, segmental blocks are highly durable, stylish with various designs, and functional when finished. In fact, they are our material of choice.

We normally add these structures in hilly areas with loose soil or uneven slopes. We can also build them in flat areas for aesthetic purposes. Moreover, we can actually turn them into sitting walls for added functionality.

Sitting walls are basically the top area of retaining walls where clients and their guests can sit down and relax after a tiring tour of the property. Aside from sitting walls, building a water feature such as a mini pond or artificial waterfalls could also be arranged.

Learn more about our premium retaining walls and how we can create one for your property. Contact us today for details.

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Retaining Walls
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Retaining Walls
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Retaining Walls
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