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Residential and commercial property owners in New Jersey who wish to take their property’s look to a whole new level only need to avail our landscaping services. And one of the upgrades that we strongly recommend to our clients is the use of blue stone. But what does it do exactly?

What Makes Blue Stone a Hit?

Blue stone is one of New Jersey’s finest quarry products. This specific decorative stone type provides benefits that make it a most sought-after decorative material by landscapers, contractors, and property owners. Specifically, these are the following benefits that clients can get from this type of decorative stone:

Aesthetic boost. Being a natural stone, blue stones enjoy the enviable advantage of effortlessly providing aesthetic lift to any structure they are used. With blue stones, turning an ordinary looking concrete structure into a stunning landscape piece is like magic.

Durability. Blue stones are known to be extremely resilient to harsh weather conditions, which is why they are a favorite among landscape builders and contractors. Be it a freeze and thaw weather or an extremely hot condition, blue stones are bound to remain intact and stunning for years.

Cost-effectiveness. Since blue stones are very sturdy, you won’t have to replace them too often. In fact, you probably only have to replace them only once. This only means that you’re actually going to save money on maintenance and replacement/repair costs.

Versatility. Their wide range of colors, textures, finishes, patterns, threads, designs, and sizes make them perfect for every imaginable landscaping theme. Blue stones are the material of choice of many masons and artisans since they can be used for indoor and outdoor structures: from countertops and indoor fireplaces, to patios and entrances.

All of these wonderful traits make us a huge advocate of using blue stone as a primary material in the landscape structures that we’re hired to design and create.

Common Applications of Blue Stones

Being highly versatile, blue stone can be used in dozens of applications in the landscape and indoors. These applications typically include the following:

- Patio
- Pools
- Gazebo
- Porches
- Columns
- Steps
- Facade
- Walkways
- Driveways
- Hallways
- Walls
- Fireplaces and fire pits
- Koi ponds
- Kitchen countertops
- Artificial waterfalls

In fact, there are practically dozens of other uses of blue stone all over a property. This is the reason why it is one of the most preferred natural stone for the landscape.

Why Hire Us for Blue Stone Installation?

With White Birch Landscape Design, LCC you are guaranteed to have only the finest blue stone materials for your property. Whether you’re a DIY-er or you wish to avail our services, you will surely get quality stones from us.

Our company has reliable sources of blue stones from the state so only the finest ones reach our store in Livingston. Additionally, we have the experience installing this type of stone so you’re assured of the quality of our installation job. Just contact us today and let us know how you wish to use our high quality blue stone inventory.

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